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Available for overnight use by reservation only depending on availability

Please select a cabin to get to our booking page.

During the COVID 19 pandemic Day Users are welcome, but not permitted to enter the cabins without permission from the current users. Please respect the personal space of others.

In an effort to reduce the risk of any future covid related outbreaks or 

other possible health risks we ask that you do your part and keep our cabins clean and sanitary.

If anyone in your group is feeling sick they 

should refrain from entering the cabins.

Thank you for your cooperation.

These Cabins are managed and maintained by the Ripple Ridge Recreation Association from Creston, BC under an agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails of BC.

All of the maintenance and replenishing of firewood is done by volunteers.

The Ripple Ridge and Lightning Strike Cabins are one of the Kootenay's best kept secrets. This is one of only a few places where all season access is so convenient. From the Kootenay Pass parking lot, it only takes about an hour (depending on ability)
to reach the Cabins.

Available year-round, our Cabins make a great base for your next off the grid adventure. In winter the area is non-motorized, but in the summer months it is possible to drive right to the Rec Site. Please note that vehicle access is via the Maryland/Monk Creek FSR's and could be affected by snow accumulation. Road is usually clear by first week of July  but NOT maintained.

Visit our Map page for Directions

Read our Booking Tips

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Lightning Strike Cabin
Ripple Ridge Cabin

The Ripple Ridge Cabin has been in use for several years, and continues as the one with the best view. It is very cozy with the comfort of a woodstove, a 2 burner propane camp stove and room for six people per night. Ripple Ridge Cabin now has LED lighting! 

New for 2022 we have added 4" thick foam mattresses.

Click here for a list of amenities

The Lightning Strike Cabin was built in 2016, and is available for up to 8 people per night. There is a woodstove, 2 burner propane camp stove, LED lighting and a large picnic table inside.

New for 2022 we have added 4" thick foam mattresses.

Click here for a list of amenities


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